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25 June 2022








THAILAND & ESPECIALLY THE CITY OF Bangkok is the mecca of Asia AS WE KNOW IT AND AS MANY KNOW IT but things change from year to year. The new dawn of 2008 brings in a sun shine of activity you have never witnessed before. Well thats until the new PP Party deicdes to go back West and change the face of the place. You got it I mean revamp the hours of opening & clsoing times (Chalerm tried it but is not out of the Cabinet) and try to get the kids inside by midnight. But Bangkok is still the most popular destination for tourists young and old whether you arrive as a backpackers or for business. It has that charisma thats lacking in all those other western countries where the role of the law runs the show and has to be there, and where of course attitudes change people once theyve had a drink or 2 into zombies & instant no hopers. The city of Bangkok is a thriving metropolis and caters for everyone not just the idiots who want to seek out a marriage partner in one night. I guess thats part of "One night in Bangkok". At night time after dark the place is transformed with neons and lights that just dazzle the visitor & offers entertainment virtually all all all night from movies to the theatre---- from th go gos & to shows and videos to girlie bars, massage and live entertainment bands & nightclubs--whatever your into. Of course we welcome you to Bangkok CONFIDENTIAL where we you can see the jazzy side of Bangkok from massage parlours to the best eating and drinking spots from all over the world right to the lowdown girlie bars where the girls bare all to the sutle cabarets & videos. Yes Bangkok Confidential even offers business ideas and help for those here for the GO session ---that means business and pleasure as well as those uniques stories that happen in "the land of smiles". This is just another phase of our Expat Law.


But Thailand is can be a trap for the unwary traveller so be careful wherever you go.



If you want to send us news please also send where the news came from as we must publish the source. If you see any news let us know.

Even Foreigners are Bad
Two foreign men accused of breaking into the Pattaya hotel room of an Israeli visitor to beat and rob him were seized by police in Bangkok the following day under an arrest warrant issued by Pattaya Provincial Court.
Bojan Papo, a 27-year-old Australian citizen, and Ron Bazilai, 33, an Israeli, were still in possession of the 290,000 baht they are accused of stealing from their victim. Late at night on February 15, the two men were alleged to have gone to the room of Nahm Iasav Raham, a 46-year-old Israeli who was staying at a hotel in Naklua. Raham subsequently told police that he was taking a rest in his room and had the door open when a man he knew well, and who he identified as Bazilai, had entered with an unknown man and attacked him, punching him and hitting him with an iron bar. Raham had escaped from his room and called the police. When he went back he discovered that a bag containing 290,000 baht in Thai currency and euros, plus his passport, an ATM card and his cell phone had been taken. The two men had already taken a taxi and fled, but police investigations revealed they were hiding out at the Nonsri Residence on Chuaploeng Road, in the Yannawa district of Bangkok. Police officers arrested them as they were walking out of the secluded hotel. Pol Maj Gen Panya Mamen, commander-in-chief of the Tourist Police, who announced the arrests at a police briefing on the morning of February 17, said that both of the accused men denied the charges, but they had been caught with all the evidence and he was confident there was a case against them. Bazilai has lived in Thailand for 14 years, and is the owner of an Israeli restaurant on Khaosarn Road. He had met Raham in Pattaya, and asked him several times for money. Raham said he always gave money to the accused, because he felt that he was helping a fellow countryman. On the day of the robbery, however, Raham had refused. This had led to the assault .Boonlua Chatree Pattaya Mail

Switzerland accepts jail term for man who insulted Thai king

GENEVA - Switzerland said Thursday it would not seek the release of a Swiss man jailed for 10 years in Thailand for insulting the Thai king. "We note that the Thai legislation on the basis of which our compatriot was tried is applied with great rigour," Swiss foreign ministry spokesman Jean Philippe Jeannerat told AFP after the sentencing of Oliver Jufer, 57.Jeannerat said the jail term had been applied according to Thai law and would not comment on the length of the jail term. Swiss authorities would not ask the Thai government to free Jufer, he said, highlighting that Jufer has one month to appeal. "The Swiss government does not intervene with authorities in cases where the procedure followed conformed to basic judicial principles," said the spokesman. "Our compatriot was arrested on the basis of clearly established legislation. He knows why he was arrested, he had the assistance of a defence lawyer and he has the possibility to appeal," Jeannerat said. The King of Thailand has since pardoned this man and he has been deported.

Agence France-Presse

Pakistani man gets life for murder of Thai teacher
A Pakistani man - convicted of killing a Thai teacher he met through an internet chat service and dismembering her body last year - was given a life sentence Friday. The Criminal Court sentenced 35-year-old Mohammad Arif to death, but lowered the punishment to life imprisonment because he confessed. The court ordered Arif to pay Bt2 million in compensation, Bt150,000 funeral expenses, and Bt30,000 for the valuables he stole from the victim to the parents of Dissanee Thongnarkthae, an English language teacher from Ubon Ratchathani's Phibun Mangsahan district. According to the lawsuit, Dissanee on May 7 last year had flown from Ubon Rathcathani to Bangkok to meet Arif - who had misrepresented himself as a handsome Spanish national - in the flesh after they had chatted over the Internet from April to May. The two met at Racha Palace Hotel and Arif then killed Dissanee, dismembered her body, put the parts in a travel bag to be dumped in a canal, before he got away with the victim's valuables worth Bt30,000, the lawsuit said.

If you have news or pics relating to our Tourist news

feel free to send to us.

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BANGKOK SAFETY PROBLEMS Beware of pickpockets on overcrowded public transportation and markets etc like Chatuchuk. Avoid going to a strange place with few people and when using ATMs and banks keep an eye around you for who may be watching you. In taxis try to remember the number on the window sill. Carry copies of your passport. Taking taxis are safe but always use the meter and if the driver says its broken down don't believe him. Try to avoid touts and go to the main roads to hail a cab. Try and remember the number of the cab which is noirmally on the doors. Do not look rich with jewelry.

Emergency Phone Numbers are — Mobile Police, 191; Fire Brigade, 199; Ambulance, 252-2171; Tourist Assistance Centre, 281-5051 or 282-8129.
Telephone: The country telephone code for Thailand is 66, Bangkok city code is 2. The number 1 or 01 in front of a number indicates that it’s a mobile phone and all mobile phones changed as at Dec1st 2006 and now the dial number is 08--etc. Dial 13 for Directory Assistance, and be patient if you need an English speaker. International calls are now possible in public telephone booths and they are clearly marked in English. Time/Temperature—Time, phone 181. Weather, 398-9830.



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Helpful Shipping terms:

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If you have news or pics relating to our Tourist news feel free to send to us. Please make sure you tell where this info came from as if from a newspaper we must publish the source of this information on our website. We thank those who sent the above news to us.




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